One Brand – Many Visions


FSAAP, abbreviated as FS, is a one stop solution manufacturer of small arms, primarily focused on OEM and ODM customers which range from the US & foreign governments to fortune 500 companies. Our vertical integration ​from design, to production, to distribution sets out operation and our products apart from the industry through our unprecedented cost savings to the end consumer.

  •  Total integration from design to mass production
  • Production DoD Mil and ISO Standards
  • Specialization in small arms systems
  • Focus on automation and innovation

Our History and Vision

The company vision was founded by our Chairman and Director through the revelation of seeing the nature of military conflicts over the last decade. Through automation, innovation, and vertically integrating the cost effectivity of small arms can be brought into the 21st century.

Whereas the FS brand became the umbrella to unify the separate domestic and foreign operations to realize our vision.

The vision and ideology of our chairman is manifested today through the FS brand’s prduction and annual growth of market share.

Certifications & Licenses

All FS operations hold government compliance as a core virtue of maintaining operations to safely and and legally progress our vision.

Across all 6 of our domestic operations we carry the following documentation:

  • Type 7 ATF Manufacturer Permits
  • Type 8 ATF Importer Permits
  • Type 10 ATF Manufacturer of Destructive Devices Permit
  • Type 11 ATF Importer of Destructive Devices Permit
  • Type 23 ATF Importer of High Explosives
  • Type 26 ATF Dealer of High Explosives
  • Type 20 ATF Manufacturer of High Explosives
  • AECA importer registration through ATF
  • US Department of State DDTC ITAR Exporter Certification
  • ISO 9001:2015 at most facilities and divisions, soon to be all facilities
  • US DoD Vendor registration CAGE Code

Our Emblem

The FS brand stands for “Futuristic Specialization”, where it comes from the original consolidated operations title “FSAAP”, which stands for the many divisions of our organization.

The emblem and Logo for the FS brand is a combination of:

Crosshairs, symbolizing our origins as a small arms producer
The Nautical Star, representing our american heritage, this double as part of a compass rose that symbolizes guidance toward our vision.
The inversion of the star is to represent our alignment with the values of the US Medal of Honor