Ammunition (Load & Pack) Machinery

Rotary Priming Machine RPM-150

Indexing loading machine ILM-250

Primed Casing Inspection Machine

Loose Packing Machine

Cartridge Reloading Machinery

Roll Size & Qualifying Machine

Vibratory Case Sorting Bowl

1050 Auto-Drive Press

Complete 50 BMG Reload line

Casing Production Machinery

Double Action Cupping Press – FCP-001

Case Forming 7-Station Header

Head Turn Machine

Casing Neck Form & Trim Press

Anneal & Wash Lines

Bullet Production Machinery

Swage & Restrike Press

Lead Wire Extruder

Rotary Frangible Bullet Press

Plated Bullet Lines

Poly-Coating Lines

Rifled Barrel Production Machinery

Gundrill & Reaming Machine

Pull Button Rifling Machine

Barrel Stress Relief

Carbide Buttons & Reamers

Barrel Finishing Systems

Electroplating & Finishing Machinery

Turnkey Electroplating Line

Wastewater Treatment Line

Black Oxide & Phosphate Lines

Polish/Dry/Finishing Bowls

Drying and Coating Ovens

Primer Production Machinery

Primer Cup & Anvil Stamping

Priming Chemical Lines

Primer Assembly

Primer Packing

Primer Testing Equipment

Other Machinery & Services

Ovens and Heat Treat

Hellfire 300 Heat Treat and Cremation Oven

Belt Conveyor Oven (High temp and Low temp)

High Temp Tilt Furnace Brass/Copper/Lead/Zinc Tilting Gas Fired Melting Pot

Bulk feed hoppers Supersack (Elevated) Feeding Hoppers

Lead Spool Systems

Continuous Wash Lines

Extended Training

Custom Machinery